I havn’t touched this blog in a long time, mostly due to a lack of things to say that were not of an entirely personal nature, and a focus on personal growth.  It’s been a long year for me.  Regardless, recent events have gotten me stirred, in a particularly programming and infosec direction.  However today I bring an event that I just have a lot to say.


It has to do with the power of blogging, the internet, and the voice of the individual. I have noticed in recent months that Penny Arcade (hell,  the internet in general) gravitates towards drama and controversy. I saw many months back that a rape joke, the infamous dickwolves incident (best summarized and documented elsewhere: see below) caused a line of Penny Arcade products to both simultaneously exist, and vanish. I find it interesting to watch as Penny Arcade is now poised in a similar position in regards to the avatar controllers.

Its amazing how much clout a simple web comic can have.  Then again Penny Arcade has expanded into so much more than that. A video series, hosting other pages and other artists. Merchandise to fuel the company, and a Convention that rivals E3.  In the end however, its just a few people, who really made gaming part of their culture, and who seem to really are about the people who make up their fanbase.  It seems that it is this concern is what drove Mike from PA to jump into the fray and post the email thread to the world.  It will be interesting to see how his calculated move impacts both ales of the controllers, as well as the industry in the future.


I have collected a few links below that do a great job of displaying and summarizing this story.


Dickwolves incident timeline:



Penny Arcade Post Regarding the Customer Service Emails



Ocean Marketing Twitter Feed and @mentions (stratagy? really!?):




Examiner investigates Ocean’s Eleven mistakes… or whatever:





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